Our custom kitting services at Olander save your staff the hassle of selecting, counting, and packaging hardware and tools. Our experts will prepare exactly the right parts and tools you need in ready-to-ship, customized kits.

Kitting fulfillment services not only simplify the kitting process, but as a result, also allow your organization to reap more value from a few SKUs, improve customer satisfaction with your brand, and earn long-term customer loyalty.

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With a predetermined kit, you know that you will get all the hardware you need without wasting time tracking down related components.


"Olander understood what we needed and were very easy to work with."

Mitac Information Systems


We prepare dozens of different kit configurations for our customers each year. With our experts focused on delivering the components you will need to assemble each product, you and your staff can focus on doing what you do best: designing cutting-edge products.

Rather than relying on human accuracy in preparing kits, we can use automated technology.


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This means you can trust that you’re receiving the right components every time—and your production line is never disrupted due to a lack of correct hardware or tools.


We’re eager to deliver kits and subkits that enhance the value of your products. Contact us to learn more about our kitting services.

Kitting Services | Olander

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